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A journey that touches your heart. As you enter the Chang Lien-Cheng Saxophone Museum you will find yourself immersed in its aura of inspiration, filled with heart-felt stories and inspiring moments fromMr. Chang Lien-Cheng’s quest for music.

A glimpse of superb workmanship

As the rhythmic notes travel to one’s ear, there is no doubt of exquisite workmanship. The dazzling saxophone is meticulously assembled in the hands of the master, so that professional musicians can create wondrous musicthat draws the attention of all eyes and ears. We work tirelessly to create works of pleasure, caring about your every expectation so it may bring you on an unforgettable musical journey.

Brand History

  • In 1940
    A music loving painternamedChang Lien-Chengpassionately explored the principles of musical instrument manufacturing. Without a master but with an indomitable spirit, he was able to draw meticulously and chart out more than four hundred parts of the saxophone and becomethe first saxophonemaker in Taiwan.
  • In 1945
    Mr. ChangLien-Cheng established the "Lien-Cheng Musical Instrument Factory" (the predecessor of ChangLien-Cheng Sax Co., Ltd.). He was the pioneer of western musical instruments made in Taiwan. In one fell swoop he glorified the saxophones that are made in Taiwan and laid the foundation for the global saxophone industry in Houli.
  • In 2000
    The brand “LC”was established. Many popularbrands of saxophones contain the exquisite, multi-generationalworkmanship of Taiwanese instrument makers, however they arealways credited to somebody else. The third generation of the Chang family, Chang Tsung Yao and Wang Tsai Jui heard the calling and felt the need for a change. OEM manufacturing was abandoned and subsequently the name “LC” (short for Lien-Cheng) was established. Fulfilling a lifelong endeavor, this led to the creation of the first saxophone engraved with the name “LC”and thus leadingthe industry into a new direction.
  • In 2002
    “LC” established the first saxophone museum in Asia. The museum displays Mr. Chang Lien Cheng’s works of art and a 170-year-old saxophone made by Adolphe Sax. It also provides cultural learning and an in-depth look into the history of the Taiwanese saxophone industry.

"LC Sax" will continue its vision to grow into a century-old enterprise
and continue the same level of excellence it has dutifully done for over 74 years,
sharing Taiwan’s level of expertise with the rest of the world.